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Website security depends on a combination of various measures including web application (website engine) security and hosting server software security and its settings.

How to secure static website. Audit of static website.

How to secure static website

Only if a website consists of static pages the question of how to secure a website up to 90% depends on server settings and software. 10% is left for the possibility of authorization data (ftp/ssh/web accounts) stealing. See the article about Malicious Sites. To secure static website you need to check server's software versions and keep website account information in a safe place.

Website Security Audit Tools

Online Website Security Tools

We are glad to introduce our free of charge website security audit tools which may help you to make secure websites. Try our Web Security Tools which serve to discover security vulnerabilities in web applications.

Website Malware Scanner

- scan your website to find out malware code.

Website Security Monitoring

- daily monitoring of a website for malicious code.

PHP Security Scanner

- scan your source code to find out potentially vulnerable pieces of your PHP code.

Web Security Testing

- test your own website for security flaws with unexpected user-defined input data.

XSS String Encoder

- encode XSS string to check your filters.

SQL Encoder

- encode any SQL-code to check your SQL injection filters.

How to secure a website with dynamic content.

How to secure a website with dynamic content

If your website uses third-party web applications (usually blogs, forums, etc) then you should check if you use the latest versions. If you use not common and rarely used applications then the chance to have vulnerabilities in these applications is much higher than in popular website engines.

If your website was developed individually then your website security depends directly on developers experience in the field of web security. There may be other factors like deadlines or a limited project budget (security tests require additional man-hours).

Secure server software and settings.

Secure server software

Hosting server applications require regular updates to fix newly discovered security flaws. Server's setting and access rights should not allow access to other website accounts in case of a successful website attack.

Website Security Audit.

Website security audit

If you have any doubts about the security of your web application/website or don't imagine how to secure your website then we can offer a partial source code analysis or a surface website penetration test free of charge. On the basis of analysis results we will make a conclusion whether you should make a full security audit or your website is well protected.

Also for developers we can offer several free online web security tools for website security audit.

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Website Monitoring

Daily malware scanning. Allows to receive alerts about security problems in your website.
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eVuln team will eliminate the reason, clean your website and monitor it.
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Website blacklisted?

eVuln team will clean your website, discover and fix security holes, remove from blacklists.
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