Website is hacked?

  • Malware removal
  • Blacklists removal
  • Reason eliminating
  • Daily antivirus monitoring

Files & DB Monitoring

  • File Changes Monitoring
  • Database Changes Monitoring
  • Daily Antivirus Scanning
  • Alerting by Email

External monitoring

  • External antivirus scanning
  • Blacklists monitoring
  • Iframes, redirects, defaces...
  • Free alerting by email

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Free external scanner:
Malicious javascripts, suspicious redirects, hidden iframes, defaces, blacklists, and etc.

Website Malware Removal and Monitoring Services

Malware & Hack Repair

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Already hacked? Need support? We can clean, analyze logs, discover the reason and help you to fix the problem. Then we will monitor your sites and do unlimited repeated fixing if required.


Hack Insurance

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Includes monitoring of changes in files and database, daily antivirus scanning. Alerting about any changes and malware found. If your site is infected/hacked we will clean it as many times as required.


External Monitoring

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Daily external scanning of your websites allows to detect malicious Javascripts, hidden iframes, suspicious redirects, defaces. Includes monitoring of blacklists and alerting by email.


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Suspicious websites recently found by free external scanner

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