Malware & Hack Repair within 4 hours!

Malware & Hack Repair

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  • Malware Removal
  • Blacklists Removal
  • Reason Eliminating
  • 1 Month Hack Insurance


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Has Your Website Been Hacked?

We will repair it and setup security monitoring. We have more than 10 years experience and normally we repair hacked websites within 4 hours. Then we provide Website Hack Insurance including daily security monitoring, backups and repeated fixing without additional fees.

Website Recovery / Malware Removal

We remove webshells, spam-sending scripts, spam-content, injected malicious code and other malware from files and DB. We make a backup copy before any fix.

Blacklists Removal

When your site is cleaned, we remove it from Google or Yandex blacklists during 1-3 days.

Reason Eliminating

We inspect HTTP and FTP logs to discover how your website has been infected. Then we fix the source of problem.

1 Month Hack Insurance:

Daily Backups
We make daily backups of website's DB and most important files like php, html, js, htaccess and etc (excluding media content). We store the last 30 copies.
Monitoring of changes in Files
Backups allow us to monitor any changes in files. You may receive alerts about any changes.
Monitoring of changes in website's DB
We monitor changes in website's DB and scan data for malware and spam.
Unlimited Files/Pages
We do not count the amount of files or pages. Your website should be clean completely!
Unlimited Repeated Repairs
Once we detect any suspicious changes we start a cleaning process again without additional fees. Also you may request a cleanup at any time.

Money Back Guarantee

If we can't help or you aren't happy with our service we will return your money without any problems. The guarantee period is 1 month.


50% OFF from the 2nd website!