External Security Monitoring

External Monitoring

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  • Antivirus Scanning
  • Blacklists Monitoring
  • Iframes, Redirects, Defaces...
  • Alerting by Email


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Monitor your sites and receive security alerts!

Daily scanning of websites by Website Malware Scanner with alerting by email.

Antivirus Scanning

We use multiple antivirus scanners for detection of malicious injections on website's pages.

Blacklists Monitoring

We check Google and Yandex safebrowsing blacklists daily. Once your site is blacklisted we will inform you.

Suspicious Activity/Changes Detection

Our scanner detects the following suspicious activities:

Suspicious JavaScript code
Detection of malicious JS injections like exploits, obfuscated iframes,redirects and etc.
Conditional Redirects
Detection of redirects of your visitor to suspicious 3rd-party URLs
Hidden Iframes
Detection of hidden iframes and other suspicious injections with frames
Website Defacement
Defacement detection. If your site is hacked we will inform you.
Links to blacklisted websites
Detection of suspicious links on website's pages.

Alerting by Email

You receive alerts by email about security issues and connection problems.


* Requres eVuln badge or a link to eVuln.com