Website Penetration Testing

Website Penetration Testing

Manual Website Penetration Testing

Most of business web applications require security testing procedures like Penetration Testing. It allows to prevent infection by malware and future hacker attacks.

Penetration Testing
Security testing of web applications using automated pentesting tools and manual penetration testing methods.

Penetration Testing Service

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Manual Penetration Testing. During this test we check a working web application or website for vulnerabilities by hacker attacks imitation. Automated tools and manual testing are used to test all the possible entry points of user-defined data.

Website Penetration Testing allows to check your website security for such types of vulnerabilities as: XSS (Cross Site Scripting), SQL Injection, Authentication Bypass, Client-side Attacks, Shell Command Execution, Code Insertion/Execution, Information Disclosure, Path Traversal, Predictable Resource Location, Abuse of Functionality, Insufficient Anti-automation and some other not widely spread security flaws.

Website Penetration Testing Steps

Typical penetration testing process has the following steps:

  • Collecting information about the target.
    • collecting information about all the possible entry points of user-defined data
    • third party software detection (if used)
  • Automated scanning for vulnerabilities using special software.
    • automated scanning result analysis
    • manual check of results
  • Manual penetration testing.
    • specific input validation checks
  • Potential damage assessment of each discovered vulnerability.
  • Fixing recommendations release.
  • Penetration testing report.
    • description of all tests
    • description of all vulnerabilities and ways of fixing

If you have any questions about website manual penetration testing service feel free to ask Aliaksandr Hartsuyeu.

Website Monitoring

Daily malware scanning. Allows to receive alerts about security problems in your website.
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Malicious redirects detected?

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Website blacklisted?

eVuln team will clean your website, discover and fix security holes, remove from blacklists.
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