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eVuln Service: Website Malware Cleanup

We offer to cleanup, discover the reason, fix and monitor your website.
Service includes:

  • cleaning website files. Removing malware from website scripts and static pages.
  • removing malicious redirects. Cleaning up malware code in all website files.
  • inspecting log files for hack attempts. Tracking hacker's activity.
  • discovering security issues to identify how a website has been hacked.
  • eliminating the reason. Security holes fixing.
  • removing from blacklists. Submitting for review.
  • one year monitoring. Repeated cleaning without additional fees during 1 year.

Websites amount:   

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What makes us different in hacked website repairing.

We will help you to fix hacked site as soon as possible.

If you have malware on your hacked website then search engines and internet browsers will block your site quickly. Every hour you may lose your visitors, money and reputation. That is why we will help you ASAP.

Our goal is to fix the source of your problem and prevent attacks in the future.

Some companies offer to detect and remove malware from a hacked website. But it is not enough. In this case your site can be hacked again, as the source of your problem will still exist. We offer the complex solution: cleanup, vulnerabilities discovering and fixing.

Vulnerability discovering may be done by three ways: log files inspection, website source code anlysis or remote penetration testing. Inspection of log files is the fastest way to identify current opened security holes. Source code review is most accurate but if you don't want to share website's sources with us then we do remote pentesting.

We have more than 6 year experience in vulnerability discovering and hacked websites repairing.

Since 2005 we have been working in website security area. In the beginning of 2006 we were discovering vulnerabilities in open source web applications. There were more than 120 advisories published during 3 months. Since that time we have continued to do source code audits and remote pentests for our clients.

Our recommedations how to repair hacked website by yourself.

Here are several recommendations how to minimize negative effect from a hacked website.

Make a backup copy of hacked website.

Make a copy of all files, database and log files of a hacked website. It is necessary for future recovering in case of unsuccessful cleanup. It is useful for future investigation as well.

Most active hackers

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Most active website hackers of the week.

  • hacked by hmei7
  • hacked by dr.m1st3r
  • hacked by syrian anonymous
  • hacked by badi
  • hacked by ayyildiz tim
  • hacked by mustireis
  • hacked by ayyildiz tim joomla
  • hacked by alligator
  • hacked by wildclique

Close your hacked website.

Close your hacked website by 503 error saying that your site will be available soon. This may prevent adding your website to the list of harmful sites by search engines. Visitors mustn't be infected by your compromized site.

Check for malware your own PC

Your PC may be infected by some malware which may steal your passwords. Refer to our article How websites become malicious.

Change passwords.

After fixing of hacked website change passwords of admin panel, FTP, database, email. Use complicated passwords not less than 8 characters.

Clean up and upgrade hacked website.

  • Upgrade server software and web applications to the latest version.
  • Overwrite hacked website files with their latest versions or restore from clean backup.
  • Setup proper logging to catch future attacks and identify the source of the problem.

Note: If you use your own web application and it has security vulnerabilities then you will not solve your problem just by cleaning. In this case you need to discover and fix all vulnerabilities in your web application.

Feel free to contact us. You problem will be solved by website security experts.

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